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premature baby and newborn babies neonatal care

premature baby and neonatal care what does it mean?

We often get asked what does NICU SCBU and HDU mean as a premature baby clothes specialist store.

When a newborn has been born without any health problems that need nursing care its kept with mum at her bedside in an open cot.

For premature and babies needing extra care a stay in a different department may be needed called neonatal nursing care. Depending on how tiny and vuneable baby is determines which unit baby stays in. Gradually as baby becomes stronger and less dependant on medicines and breathing tubes etc the one that shows baby is nearly ready for home is the SCBU special care baby unit. Some newborn babies may need and operation at birth not because they are premature so a stay in the NICU or HDU unit baby can be closely monitored and given correct medications and additional nursing care needs met until feeling better.


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