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Parents ! does your young child get on your nerves!

Does your  child get on your nerves?

How to know if your child lacks confidence and if you are causing more harm than good to your them, by your actions.

Ask yourself these questions ?

  1. Do you sometimes say to your child oh go and play?
  2. Will you get out of my face?
  3. Go and ask your dad?
  4. your child asks “Mummy can you help me and you say “Just let me do this and ill help you later”( then you forget)
  5. They show you  a picture they did  and you put it on the kitchen worktop and say “that’s nice dear I’ll  look later when i’ve time “(but you never do only to put it in the bin.)

A child can feel worthless if they only ever get praise at school or nursery.

A child can have low self-esteem if a  parent constantly tells them off and never praises them for anything.

A child can feel totally miserable if they have to find their own amusement at home everyday.

A child can feel good for nothing if they suffer constant verbal,emotional abuse.They will start to lack confidence and not want to try new things because they feel doomed to failure.

It is a shame if a child starts to behave like this so if you feel this is the type of parent you are becoming try to think from a child’s point of view.

Are they happy  and contented or lonely depressed and unwilling to join in new activities or lagging behind at school.

Heres how to implement some new tactics  to be a better understanding parent.

1. make time to look at a childs picture do not use the comments What is it as it will offend say tell me more about your picture show an interest and watch their face light up with glee.

2.make time for them to read a story to or do a jigsaw together even if its only 20 mins at night,quality time together.

3. listen to them they may have a problem at school that you can deal with they may be bullied or need help with homework.

4. Find something positive they do every day even if it’s putting some rubbish in the bin that you can praise them,kids are eager to please and come on in leaps and bounds with positive encouragement.

if they ask you a question that you can’t be bothered answering stop and think and if you are unsure say lets take a look on the internet together to find the answer out or look in a book again its spending time with your child building positive relationships together rather than angry frustrated stress.


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