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teen parents arguing does it effect toddlers?

ImageDear Cheeky Chums My nearly 2 year old child is having nightmares she keeps clinging to me and screams when you pass her to a relative i can’t seem to get a Break My partner and I are always fighting lately do you think she knows ?

money has been tough since he lost his Job and we argue all the time She wont settle at night too..

Children are very sensitive to parents stress problems and yes it will have an emotional effect on her. Its not good, so you both need regular breaks from each other if the arguing happens when she is around.If violence occurs then it’s time to think is this relationship right for your not only you but the safety and sanity of your child? is this a good atmosphere to bring a baby up in ? not in the long term.every family as its problems its how you deal with them that matters. Take regular walks to let off some steam, when money is tight it will help clear your head as it doesn’t cost anything and reaching for alcohol isn’t the answer..Advice for the Job seeker… Try to work out activities that don’t cost much to help keep up morale when work is Visit Local library to see if there are any free courses available to broaden your work skills. Do some voluntary work for a pastime that you are passionate about and you never know any future job vacancies may come up and seeing how good you work will help you walk into jobs more easier.Plus you will be adding things to your CV.



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