health and safety for babies and children

Tia child MURDERED Can you keep children safe

young Tia 12 years old child MURDERED Can you keep children safe in 2012?

I am anxiously waiting news on the development ever since the broadcast of her grandmothers partners appeal on TV. I did’t feel right as he looked to the right a lot and if you look left it means you are thinking of real memories and right means lies!

and the latest or cource is shes been found murdered and he has been arrested for questioning along with the  grandmother and a neighbour.

When its family thats involved it seems unbelieveable but its more likely than someone the child doesn’t know.

So can you keep children safe in 2012 ?

Well look at this …

  • More children are staying inside than playing out as in the 1970’s when kids went out playing all day and sometimes times parents didn’t know where they were.
  • Parents are more protective these days and don’t let them play too far away from their own street.
  • children have mobile phones now to keep incontact with family.
  • Streets are more dangerous now with violence, gangs, less policing, you cant “leave your front door open”.
  • Children can be more unruly now and give backchat to parents compared to years ago.

so what do you think leave a comment just below?



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