Wife gives birth to baby, What dad shouldn’t buy her as a gift!

August 12, 2012 at 11:09 am Leave a comment

wife gives birth to baby what dad shouldn’t buy her to celebrate!

well the news is out  to all the family Its a boy yes your wife just gave birth to your first newborn son .What can you buy her as a present?

do not buy any of these gift ideas just below and be the best loving husband a woman could ask for that has just given birth to a baby.

  • A new bikini so she can loose any baby fat and you get the slim figured woman you married.Forget it a woman needs to feel loved no matter what size she is so don’t even go there .
  • The biggest telly ever,get real is it for her or you ,she will be so busy in those first few weeks getting into a routine with her newborn baby will she ever get a chance to sit down and watch it?
  • 2 football tickets to next weeks match ,you give them to her, but really it’s so she can say no and leaving you to go with a friend instead (which you secretly hoped for anyway) Mum may not even want to go out and leave baby with a relative to baby sit.

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