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dads stress I slap my kids I’m out of work

dads stress I slap my kids I’m out of work

This week is “coping as a dad with stress” and how different situations effect your stress levels.

Help Cheeky Chums I’m close to slapping my kids because I feel so low being out of work.I’m under my wife’s feet and can’t get out of a rut I know its stress related what can I do There are no Jobs!

Anxiety stress and depression are typical symptoms that can happen to you when you feel you have reached rock bottom in being out of work for such a long time.

Men tend to bottle up their feelings and find it hard to talk to a wife /partner. sometimes its by fear of feeling a failure, in contributing to the family unit in being able to provide for his family.

you can find it can lead to, shouting, sudden outbursts loosing your temper, isolation, not wanting to get dressed wash shave and hitting out at the ones closest to you in shear frustration and sheer despair.

Its not easy getting out of a rut but here are some good tips to help you make a start on the road to recovery.

  • Find a cheap or free hobby so you are not worried about costs such  a library books reading, playing music,photography.
  • What about fishing,borrow a friends, Check Auction sites Car boot sales for fishing rods etc
  • ask a friend can you take their dog for a walk, help a neighbour do the garden or other odd job it will give your self esteem a boost and meeting people will get you out and about socializing all these can be added to a c.v to show you are eager to help others and not afraid of hard work.
  • add these to your C.V. to give it a boost instead of saying at home doing nothing no new skills.
  • You have to help yourself in times like these in order to get ahead of the competition in finding a job.
  • Speak to the Job center and they can work with you to do voluntary work that can be added to your C.V.
  • This way you can try new job ideas and forget the ones which you don’t enjoy.
  • What about starting your own business do you have any ideas or craft ideas you can do like woodwork,metal work ,decorator, odd job man.

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