just for dads

Over worked I’m sick to the teeth of it dads Anger!

Over worked I’m sick to the teeth of it of dads Anger!

This week is “coping as a dad with stress” and how different situations effect your stress levels.


Love work, does it love you? do you feel you never see your children now the new job seems to take over most of your time?

Do you work through your work breaks or don’t get any? Health and safety guidelines are there for a reason to keep you healthy.

You need to take your work holidays never mind selling them back to the company or forgetting about them.

If the boss lets you have the afternoon off take it.

If the family is close to breaking apart because they never see you do something about the time you do have off to make sure its not due to being overworked.

If you have your own business and feel you can’t leave anyone in charge to get a break, close it down for a weekend or week so the staff can take their breaks then and you get a much needed refreshing rest.

You can find out you become so stressed you burn out so in turn you have no new ideas, don’t finish off jobs efficiently and everyone you work with suffers from your hot temper as a result of your stress.


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