baby news ages 0 - 1 year · toddler news 1-2 years

baby toys who needs them for babies and toddlers!

toys most suited for 0-2years baby child age and development.


Toys that are too simple make children bored whereas toys that are too complicated make children frustrated, children need different kinds of toys depending on how old they are these help them to learn and develop a variety of skills.

Age 0-1 years

toys must be safe to go in the mouth as babies use there mouths to explore things.

Toys must be washable and unbreakable.

Large plastic bricks (mega blocks), rattles and fabric books are suitable.

Age 1-18months

Children learn to walk around this age, toys that help them balance are very ideal such as push and pull walkers.

Shape sorters, bath toys and sand are also great for exploring.

Age 18months to 2 years

Children can do very simple jigsaws with large pieces

Small swings and slides are suitable for physical play

Simple pictures/nursery rhyme books.

You can make a some toys last through childhood so as a child grows from a baby to a toddler such as a set of plastic blocks can be felt, banged together by a 6 month old baby, but then can be used by a toddler to stack and build, then as the child gets older it can be used to learn to count or sort them into colour groups.

Household objects can be used as toys, cardboard boxes, empty clean yoghurt pots, empty washing up bottles. saucepans and wooden spoons make a good music, plastic bottle with rice, pasta or peas make a good shaker, you may find a child sometimes takes to these better than there own toys and at no expense but lots of fun.



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