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my baby 1 year old good books should i buy for babies

my baby is 1 year old what books should i be thinking about?

Dear Cheeky Chums its my sons 1st birthday soon I’m thinking of books as the rag ones now are getting worn by being sucked to pieces what sort of books should I be thinking about now?

Our top 11 tips on books for babies under 2 year old are as follows.

  1. One year old’s are like a sponge and will take on board new words and say them from now onwards so a variety of books will give him a good head start.
  2. Give lots of Books  very important because it will help in increasing his communication skills and language, vocabulary and pronouncing sounds .
  3. Thick cardboard ones are the best for this age babies and toddlers do not understand the need to keep them clean and tidy and they will expore and rip pages if they are made from paper.Its a good idea keep a couple on a shelve just for special story times so you can have quiet moments together looking at the special books.
  4. look for books that are true life representations ie a photo of a cat rather than a cartoon drawing if you think about it a cartoon cat isnt one a child can recognize as he is  being pushed around in the pram outside and by looking and repeating sounds these animals make his first words may be wow wow or cah for dog and cat.
  5. Find books with cups spoons etc in too so baby can learn to associate pictures with a word you can also try to get baby to say book cup brush too as you point out each item to him.
  6. It works two ways  by introducing  books 1.For baby to sit alone to look at each book and  2. A baby  needs adult imput too, to encourage these important repetitious words as he learns to talk.
  7. Rhyme books nursery songs these are great books if you remember the tunes of them. They are fun, baby learns to love singing and picking up a favourite or two along the way as he tries to copy the actions too.
  8. Brightly coloured flip over books playing peek a boo. Spot the Dog produce a variety of these they cna also be wiped over clean after chocolate hands have been holding them.
  9. Rhyming books, tongue twisters repetitive books gets baby to look at you laughing as you try to pronounce them fun and a good way to build upon the communication between mum-dad-baby and older siblings too.
  10. Pop up books are interesting but babies will find them too tempting and will want to pull them apart leave theses ones until over 2 years of age or they will get spoilt .
  11. Touch and feel books. These are brilliant, look also for ones with a plastic mirror in the back page as babies love to admire,chatter  to the mysterious baby face staring back at them. Good for developing communication skills and tactile experiences touching the soft and rough surfaces of each page.

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