pre-school 2 - 5 years · teenage pregnancy/mums

kids ! 3 year old child so naughty I wish I never had him

mum at 3 yr old I wish you had never been born!

What a statement!

 today is a catch you unaware day lets see if any of these other these statements applys to you as a parent.

Dad at 6 year old son “I am sick and fed of you I wish you would drop dead”!

Mum at twin boys age 10 If you dont get out of that %^&())_$$$$$(swears) bedroom now ill give you the best good hiding you have ever had.

Dad at oldest of 3 kids You stupid nit how many more times do I have to tell you, you make me sick you do,get in your bedroom no tea for you!

Mum screams at 4 year old daughter, Daughter screams back, kicks her mum and runs off upstairs slamming the door behind her, so mum cannot get in to smack her.

Mum watches Tv her 3 kids fighting with each other spitting and swearing at mum, mum says wait until your dad gets home swears back you litttle B****ds.

What is the possitive remarks or actions made by these parents. Is the behaviour good and showing love, compassion,kindness,helpfulness.

What behaviour are some of the kids mimicking? Parents have to set good examples if they want their children to grow up learning respect. Children under 4 years may spend more time with parents in a home environment so its here that if love is shown then they too will inpart it at nursery,school,high school etc. Yes kids do pick up bad behaviour from thier friends but it is not the school’s responcibility its us as parents first to lead by example.

A child will lack self esteem if it thinks its bad and with comments like” I wish you had never been born” these are not something you should be telling your kids or they will start to believe it.

If you swear all day as adults then you can’t expect your kids not to learn from you. You may want to give them a slap becuase its wrong how can it be wrong in their eyes if its you that say it all the time anyhow. Think before you speak is what you say to your child a possitve comment or a negative one!

Their future starts as young as 1 year old when picking up those first words mama dada etc What language do you want your kids to say or have you no respect for yourself  Do you not  care if your kids swear or not  The responcibility first lies with you at home first.


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