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WAHM,working from home mum with young children feels free

mummy at home,mummy working at home too yeah not with get rich quick scams but using your brain,keeping it active and bringing home a good pay-packet too well eventually Lol heres how.


You are bored at home once the kids are looked after housework done how about a hobby that brings in spare cash then eventualy turns out to be a big busness venture with loads of money coming from yourself as  a wahm (work at home mum).

Think outside the box what could you do to make the world a better place can you solve  a problem, do you have junk around the house do you like making jams etc.Small business start out with a good idea then in no time at all staff are employed and the world is your oyster. thats how Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore started off as.

Think of this you had a baby last year an attic full of baby stuff why not use ebay to sell them and make some  instant cash.Dont just take a quick picture look at others who are good sellers see how they do it first, be honest to a prospective buyer if an item has a scratch on it when you describe an item for sale.people like honesty.

Another idea Turn dirty toys into spranking brand new ones with a good clean and using sterlizing fluid take a good picture then presto upload it and tell the world how other mums can pocket the difference by buying slightly used items.

You could use craft ideas make hand made cards, jewellery as a working at home mom.

Research ebay see what everyone is looking for then think what have you got hanging around that can be turned into someone elses thrifty item.You may want to sell hand bags shoes or designer clothes for mums.

The thing thats important is be different ! dont copy of another business idea, get creative stir up your mind write down all ideas and try them out on friends first.


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