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pregnant dont know what sex baby is until birth advice needed

pregnant and don’t know what sex baby is until birth advice needed ?

Dear Cheeky Chums If you cant find out on the scan what sex baby is how will we go on for decorating the baby’s room. We have decided to wait as all scans up to now cant pinpoint a girl or boy? PS… what colour baby clothes are unisex too?

here are some good examples of colours that coordinate well in a unisex  baby room.

  • coffee and cream with giraffe bedding.
  • terracotta turquoise and cream.
  • stars or stripes bedding in rainbow colours with cream walls and white furniture.adding picture frames of colour to walls and curtains stands out so a year or so later you only have the accessories to change.
  • white with hints of turquoise and lime accessories.
  • mint and white paint work
  • sage green and white with jungle animal theme bedding height charts,curtains,bedding etc.

here’s some ideas of nursery room themes 

now for the baby clothes colours in unisex  shades

  • whites
  • lemon
  • mint
  • aqua,
  • rainbow stripes
  • rain bow stars
  • dalmation spots (black and white),
  • creams,
  • lemon lime and white
  • white and silver trims ie little mouse,bunnies, penguin theme
  • chocolate and lime

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