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dad with access to kids this weekend 7 tips for less stress

dad with access to kids this weekend 7 tips for less stress

your ex wife or partner as decided you can see the kids this weekend.

Its the first time you have seen them in  ages so what can you do to keep the stress levels low and keep the kids happy too.

  1. Don’t buy them Love,spending  quality time together is better than buying them a gift to play with in a corner whilst you read the paper watch tv or play on a game.
  2. your kids will have missed you.  Do fun things together such as paper mache mess.its shredded up newspaper ,a tub of water mixed with some flour and they stick the paper over a blown up balloon in several layers. when dry they can paint them the next time they are down. you pop the balloon and they have made a model with you too.
  3. need some fresh air with them instead of being cooped up in a small house of flat?  meet up with a mate with his kids, the kids meet friends take a football and join in don’t stand by and watch them play get involved it will keep you fit too.
  4. Don’t play off one parent against the other with your kids, asking them questions about who mummy is seeing or what she is up to. its their day with you so make the most of it.
  5. Find 3 things to do that don’t cost money, taking the kids to a fun fair when you are skint is no joke they will want this,try that,can I have this so forget the expensive treats.They will expect it every time.
  6. When kids want you and pester you its for a reason, they want your quality time ignoring them encourages boredom and naughtiness just to make you take notice,get an old  roll of wall paper and get the kids and you to create the biggest picture for a wall mural they can express their feelings by drawing anything,you will be surprised what they draw!
  7. Get them back on time, don’t argue at the front door as you drop them off or you will go home stressed all for nothing. you’ll feel its a chore having the kids at the weekend and you will avoid picking them up which is really unfair to the children.

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