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baby memory box keepsake need advice what to fill it with please!

baby memory box keepsake need advice what to fill it with please!

Well there are 2 main types of baby memory keepsake boxes one for baby birth to 5 years plus and one for a baby bereavement which we shall come to further down the page as its sensitive subject.

The one regret I had from years ago was not keeping enough baby pictures of my children. You cant turn back the clock so treasure the youngest memories for as long as you can. A baby memory box keeps all the nicknacks that are important in, that can be stored safely and looked will be great for all the family to have for fond memories year after year looking back in history of how things have changed with the children.You can keep adding to it too then pass it over to them when they get married or moved out as they become an adult.

You need the sturdiest box that is going to last.Wooden memory boxes or Oak baby keep sake boxes are the best buy,these are  are good and long lasting. Avoid flimsy cardboard as when it becomes much more fuller it will bevel and break easily.

  • items to add to the baby memory box …
  • first baby photographs,
  • first footprint and hand prints,
  • measurements at birth,
  • cord clamp,wrist band from hospital,
  • congratulation cards,
  • birthday cards,
  • first teddy bear
  • first curl,first tooth,
  • all the items that you would like to treasure for the best memories.


This blog post continues with sensitive news about baby loss memory boxes if it is likely to offend please press your back button now.

For some parents baby passes away in the womb of shortly after so you cant keep adding to the memory box in the same way you would if baby had lived so you need to treasure as many memories as you can now whilst everything is still fresh in your mind.

baby bereavement memory boxes can consist of

  • First scan pictures in the womb
  • medical notes or birth/death certificate
  • tiny teddy bear
  • tiny socks, baby hat
  • cord clamp,
  • wrist bands of mum /baby if big enough,
  • as many photographs as you can including mums baby bump
  • video of mum whilst pregnant or put photographs onto a cd to keep in the baby keepsake box
  • foot hand prints
  • record or all measurements at birth and weight of baby
  • little cushion with baby’s name embroidered on
  • another outfit add matching the one baby was buried in.
  • tiny blanket.
  • a silver little footprint chain/necklace

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