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baby stillborn or miscarriage do you have to have a funeral ?

baby stillborn or miscarriage do you have to have a funeral ?

This week we shall be answering your questions on baby loss if it is likely to offend please press your back button now.

We lost our baby at 2o weeks gestation and due to have her in next few days Can we have a baby funeral at this many weeks gestation?

Yes If you plan on having an autopsy the funeral directors can collect her from the hospital after a few days of completion.contact your local funeral directors some do not charge for baby funerals.They will be able to advise you on costings for a family plot or baby garden at your local cemetery if you do not have a family plot already.You may want to see if she can be laid to rest in a close relatives such as a great/grandparent if they have the grave deeds and enough room.

Will people think it strange if I don’t go to my baby’s funeral he was 22 weeks into my pregnancy totally unexpected?

Sometimes you make choices when your emotions get the better of you. Do what you feel really comfortable with but don’t rush into the baby’s funeral arrangements if other family members are putting pressure on you  to do so.You cant turn back the clock to do it again years later.Saying goodbye at a funeral helps you to realize baby has gone for a final sleep and cannot be with you anymore in person.

If I have a family service with cremation instead of a funeral for my baby born at 18 weeks gestation can I keep the baby ashes with me at the side on my bedside cabinet.

  • For babies this small there isn’t a lot of ashes remains.To help cope with grief Families find A little grave plot with the ashes placed inside soothing finally realizing baby has gone and is at peace.It also gives a sense of release in the healing process of grief.
  • Scattered ashes in a baby memorial garden,baby will be in the company with other babies and is another healthier option for your own peace of mind.
  •   Buried ashes in a special garden to visit with a little tree or bush at the side is another option.You may struggle emotionally and hard with your closest family members if baby is kept by your side.

If baby is delivered stillborn from 24 weeks does there have to be a funeral service ?

By law in the UK babies born of 24 weeks completed gestation have to be buried or cremated.Hospitals offer a service where they cremate babies a few at a time together and all ashes are scattered in a little memorial garden you can attend this short service  if you prefer.


2 thoughts on “baby stillborn or miscarriage do you have to have a funeral ?

  1. i gave birth to my son yesterday at 18 weeks does anyone know where i can get him a outfit for his funeral please

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