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Are you for real or an overprotective mum to your baby!

Are you for real or an overprotective mum to your baby!

You never get much sleep this is your third or more baby and you tell the parenst at the school gates how you are bringing up your kids.They look at you stargne and go all quiet on you wondering how do you cope.

here are the top 7 mistakes you can do as a parent thinking its good for the baby and other children, yet tell tale signs speak differently of how you really are coping as a a parent.

  1. You don’t let another adult who offers to hold baby whilst you wash the wont let you out of his or her sight without screaming.
  2. Washing gets done when it gets done not regular.You sometimes nip to shops to buy more clothes just so you don’t need to do the washing.
  3. You eat out more because you cant be bothered to cook the kids just help them selves out of the cupboards when they are hungry.
  4. A friend asks where the kids are as the house is usually full of the other young children.You say out playing but you never asked them where ?
  5. Baby has to be nursed with a feed in  order to go to sleep.
  6. children don’t have a regular bedtime they doze off on carpet and are later carried to bed asleep.
  7. It doesn’t matter if the children are spitting swearing or hitting you to get you to notice them.You don’t like to discipline them.

If you can think of any others to get other parents thinking leave a comment just below?


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