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7 things new mums panic over with a baby thats newborn






7 things new mums panic over with a baby that’s newborn






a newbaby has come home from hospital after been discharged.When you are at home with a  newborn baby you can feel quite at home if you have a caring mum or mum in law to help you put your feet up whilst she does the cleaning cooking and housework etc, its when you have to take over motherhood all by yourself you can panic.

here are 7 things you may worry over with a newborn baby.

  1. baby’s poo is runny yellow. It is normal if you breastfeed especially.
  2. Baby keeps crying every few hours.A sign its hungry, baby has a full tummy then needs a feed again in a few hours, even in the night time.
  3. baby sleeps all day.normal as baby starts to grow and become aware of the surroundings he or she will start to have more times during the day to be awake and take an interest in whats going on in the big wide world.
  4. Umbilical cord seems to have some blood in it after a fews day of the cord clamp drying up and falling off. Again normal keep it clean and dry at every nappy change do not be frightened of wiping around the umbilical area.
  5. cleaning under baby’s arm pits or under chin creases fold.In fact its important to clean in the creases of baby,it can become very sore indeed and even have cotton thread stuck in between from a vest or baby grow fibers if you don’t.
  6. Keep checking your sleeping baby in the moses basket every 15 mins to see if baby is still breathing. A normal reaction especially for the first time mum.Try not to be tempted to poke baby just to get a responce so long as baby isn’t overheated, near a smoker or directly in front of a hot radiator no need to be worried.Babies do sleep a lot.
  7. Baby sleeping an extra hour past a feed time so long as baby doesn’t go above 6 hrs its ok.after this time change a nappy make wake baby up so they become ready for the next feed.If baby is gaining weight, and seek advice if baby stops feeding from your midwife or health visitor or doctor if baby starts to become  listless, has a sunken fontanelle,or  refusing feeds .

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