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I’m going to be a grandma 5 newborn baby gift ideas

baby grandchildI’m going to be a grandma ! 5 baby gift ideas in preparation for when the baby is born.

well babies don’t come cheap so if you are looking for interesting ideas that dont break the bank balance then this blog post news is for you.for the new addition to the family here are 5 gift ideas to spoil your newbaby grandchild with.

  • Buy a really nice money box that baby can keep for many years down the line put in 1 pound a week until the new arrival of baby’s birth day and present it to mum and dad at the birth.
  • Buy the baby box for all the toiletries in and fill it up with one item a week ie baby soap,shampoo,cotton balls.
  • Look for buy one get one free newborn nappies and fill a huge cardboard box full of them decorate with a nice ribbon.
  • buy different coloured funky newborn socks enough to last at least 2 weeks worth (washing machines seem to gobble them up as they are so tiny can get lost really easily  )then mum has plenty of spairs.
  • Buy Unique thick Bibs, mums can never have enough velcro ones are best as baby’s dont let things taken off over their head.

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