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mum dad and had children enough of arguments shall I break up with him?

Imagemum dad and children had enough arguments shall I break up with him?

When there are children in a relationship either as partners or married you hear a lot of the time oh we stay together for the sake of the children.Should this be the only reason for staying together? lets take a quick look at reasons for staying in the relationship for your self and for the sake of the children or should one of you make the step and leave?.

  • Do you argue constantly?: can it be resolved or is it ongoing
  • Do you shout and scream at each other over nothing? Does one of you end up walking out without finding a compromise to the situation only for it to be dragged out for days at a time not speaking to each other?
  • is there physical violence involved?
  • Do you feel bullied or trapped that you can’t escape coz you’ll have no where to go?
  • Does the other partner make you feel you’ll be lost without them so you feel you have no choice but to stay?
  • We love each other and manage to clear the air before the night is up.
  • Are the children playing up, hear the arguments, are scared ,cry in their room or copy violent behavior?:this can have a long term effect on children in a negative way so needs to be resolved between you both so everyone is happy or break up the children must always be your number 1 priority.



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