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My Traumatic Pregnancy and Postnatal Depression

pregnancy,postnatal depression
pregnancy,postnatal depression

My pregnancy nightmare and postnatal depression

One mum shares how she coped with an horrific pregnancy and later developed post natal depression.

An ideal pregnancy,  having slight morning sickness, a nice baby bump and a easy birth.Well get real, not all pregnancies are like that here is a mums story.

My pregnancy was rough from 4 months along.I developed hypertension.By 5 months its was developing into preclampsia  so they admitted me to hospital until delivery. what a nightmare imagine having doctors come in tell you you today is the day that you will deliver we need to get baby out, then conflicting advice saying you need to keep baby inside you longer as a mum is the best incubator.They gave me an injection to mature my baby’s lungs.they induced me which didn’t work so I had to have an emergency C section.After delivery I remember having a bath, seeing to baby, then holding her in my arms in bed..My partner came to see me at visiting time and I was found fitting on the bed.he was ringing the buzzer and emergency buzzer


Then I woke up on labour ward to my mum saying did you know you had a baby.I said the baby wasn’t mine.I didn’t remember a thing, the high blood pressure had caused to fit . I didn’t then get to hold my baby for 2 days properly because she developed jaundice and had to spend 2 days in a” billy bag”and only allowed out for a feed then put back.Then came a stay in the  incubator with UV lights for another 2-3 days.I was moved to a closer room near the nurses station to keep a close eye on my.

Once home when my baby girl was about 2 -3 weeks old.things started to change.I didn’t want her to go out, in fact I followed my partner to the shops and grabbed her taking her back.She went to a trip to grandmas and I had to go with her no one was allowed to take my baby unless I went with them.

It was only a fall down the stars thought to be by the high blood pressure that I had another fit and it started to get easier. I felt It changed me and a slowly started to let my partner take her out or a relative too.the first year was tough as my baby was ill a lot but by the time she reached aged 2 years and needed other kids company more that I actually realized shes growing up and I can let go more of being overprotective too.


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