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Funeral songs for a babies funeral getting it just right

hpreparing a sensitive list of appropriate baby funeral songs

This blog post contains upsetting information which some readers may find offensive if so, please press your back button now. Many people need this valuable information for a family with this comforting advice needed

When preparing for a sensitive baby funeral which hymns to sing is often a hard decision for parents. choosing an adult one is much easier when the person that passed away often has a firm favourite.

Its is much more difficult to get it right for a baby loss that was not expected at all.

Why you do not pick various nursery rhymes for a baby funeral.

Some nursery rhymes wrote about a 100 years agao are still going strong today. However there are too points to bear in mind.polictical correctness has changed plus some are in appropriate to say the least for a baby funeral.Ring a Ring a Roses talks about the black death. Rock a Bye baby talks about a baby falling out of a treee. three blind mice cutting their tales off the lsit goes on Mary Mary one of the King of Englands  queens head being chopped off etc.So these are a no no for a funeral.

Use the funeral as an opportunity to give your baby treasured memories with a celebration of life, picking songs that children love and are popular kids favourites.These songs have been selected for you because you want to create a happy and loving atmosphere to say a final good bye. You can pick from any of these songs.Depending on an organaist or pianist but often a church may let you play a cd instead. check when the funeral director asks for your requirements. (P.S as a nursery nurse and sunday school teacher I wanted to let you know which children’s songs they love to hear over and over again based on my experience and a love of working with children)

These are funeral songs more suitable for babies and children that have passed away.

you can type a search on You Tube as everyone posts video clips of  children/ adults singing them. if there are some that you have never heard or come across before.

  • He’s got the whole world in his hands.
  • If I were a butterfly,Id thank you lord for Giving me wings…
  • Jesus bids us shine.
  • Red and yellow and pink and green (rainbow song)
  • Welcome to the family (type in on Google for a Salty cd use you tube to listen to any song before hand)
  • This little light of mine.
  • Somewhere over the rainbow.(Eva Casidy’s versions good)
  • Twinkle twinkle little star.
  • Insy winsy spider (relieves some of the awkrard tension, you can feel a smile as you do the actions).
  • Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream.(first verse only can be repeated).
  • Inchworm
  • Teddybears picnic(If you go down in the woods today)

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