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pregnant again, and how can I tell partner and my other child?

baby grandchildpregnant again oh how can I tell the other children or partner?

First How do you tell you partner you are pregnant again?

Well what type of person are they? supportive do they help you already  do you find you do everything from cook clean and take care of the other children? this depends if he too wanted loads of kids or just a few if he wanted them close together or one is enough ?

A good time when there is no stress like when the kids are in bed after tea when hes watching his favourite program just come out and say it. or over a meal when you are both relaxed then the blow or excitement is just between the both of you.

stating with my own with one of my own personal experiences of sibling jealousy.I was 4 years of age and I remember the day most definitely.All the family had come round to see my new baby brother.No body took me on and I hated it so in them days he wore terry nappies and a pin so i took it out of his nappy whilst no one was looking and jabbed him with it.He screamed like anything but I remember the fuss they made of him but not me.

Whilst you are pregnant if your children are in a position where they understand read them stories of new babies.Let them help in preparing the babys room.visit any friends who have a new baby with your children.when baby has arrived let them come to the hospital with a present for the baby but also buy a present from the baby to give to the other children.

Toddlers around 18 month can become withdrawn when a new baby is around, they may pinch poke or hurt the baby to get your attention. When you arrive home fuss over your other children and let your partner or friend look after the little one for a short while. The baby will get lots fuss form visitors, but you are there to give extra cuddles to your children who will have missed you whilst you were in the hospital. spend quality time with your toddler.Give your children lots of cuddles and love to show them there is enough love to go round. Let them become involved with the care of the new baby ie pass me a nappy, put that in the bin.preparing for baby’s bath time etc.

Make sure when you can get some rest.Reading stories whilst your children sit around is a good way to spend time with your other children.Plus you can also look at the book whilst feeding baby on your knee.


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