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baby loss multiple pregnancy how grandma can help

baby loss multiple pregnancy how grandma can help

hTodays blog posts looks at baby loss and practical support for the family. If it is likely to offend please press your back button now.

Dear Cheeky Chums my daughter just had triplets 2 died what can I do to help as the  other little girl is doing good yet still in the Nicu.She has asked me to arrange the buriall but I don’t know where to start, she is also a single parent, dad left her when he found out she was pregnant?

Here is how to help with the babies burial without being too intrusive.

Briefly ask mum what colour outfits she wants for the babies and if she wants them to be together in a coffin or separate? we can help you with getting the right size outfits for them.Basically collect as many items as you can for a memory box so when mum is home with her other baby and when she is ready she can go through the box to treasure the tiny gifts.It will help her to grieve and remember her little babies she lost.She may regret not having them dressed and will feel distressed is she learns they were buried feeling cold. As her time will be spent more at the hospital and her mind on other things she will find you a good support if she doesn’t have to worry about song choices or poems you can find appropriate songs poems verses funeral arrangements etc on our main bereavement website at the bottom of the page see



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