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I’m single pregnant at 17 How will I Cope with a newborn baby

babybornI’m single pregnant at 17 How will I Cope with a newborn baby 

Being a mother for the first time can be daunting for any new mum but to be single can be even tougher. lets look at how to make a good start once you have given birth to your newborn baby.

How do I cope as a new mum with a newborn baby”…..A short useful account of how any new mum can get through the first few weeks after birth.

Some of you may be wondering how can you get into a routine when you are so tired of looking after a baby that hardly sleeps and wants a feed every couple of hours or so. Well here are some tips you may find useful if you are to become a firs time mum or a new mum after having a break for a few years.

  1. If you are a mum without a family for support make use of your health visitor once you have been discharged from the midwife, they can put you into contact with other mums and support groups etc which can be very beneficial for both advice and socially..
  2. A routine means nothing more than being consistent with when you feed and put your baby to bed. Some parents prefer a fairly strict routine throughout the day with all naps taken in the cot at the same time. Other parents prefer to be out and about during the day, but stick to a regular pattern of bath, feed and bed at the same time in the evening. What sort of routine you go for is up to you, but the key is to be consistent, particularly in the hour or so before they go to bed for the night.
  3. Take a nap when you can after your baby is born you’ll probably find it will be some time before you get a decent night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can make you feel bad-tempered and anxious, so you should make every effort to sleep when your baby does during the day., but it may help to restrict visitors in the first few weeks and to try not to worry too much about the housework. If you have older children then enlist the help of a family member or trusted friend to take care of them.
4.                  Some babies cry more than others, and coping with continual crying, or ‘colic’ can be exhausting. If you’ve gone through all the usual checks – hunger, tiredness, too cold, not well, needs changing – and can’t find a reason for it, the only thing to do is to comfort your baby.Plus talk to your health visitor Good luck with your new baby – Sheila at Cheeky Chums

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