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what prayers do you say at preterm stillbirth funeral

stillbirth baby funeral prayerswhat prayers do you say at preterm stillbirth funeral

Dear Cheeky Chums we are planning our grand child’s funeral she was a stillbirth at 20 weeks what prayers can we have appropriate for her at our local independant methodist church?.

Here are some suggestions of prayers for a baby born asleep you can talk over with the parents before hand then pass them onto the minister taking over the service.

  • Father in heaven we thank you for this precious life of baby’s name….We ask that you will watch over her until her mother / fathers name… meet again, keep her safe in your loving arms in your heavenly Kingdom Amen.
  • Lord Jesus we thank you for your gift of Love which we were happy to  share with Baby’s name…. and for short time you gave her to us,  to know her, as she was lovingly snug in her mummy’s tummy. May your guardian Angels watch over her until we meet with her again Amen.
  • Dear God in heaven we ask for your love and peace be with the family as we say goodnight God bless to little baby’s name…Keep a watch over her safe in your loving arms Amen.
  • Father God thankyou for the precious gift of life which you give to each and everyone of us. we ask that you keep precious baby’s name…close by your side forever and ever Amen.
  • Lord Jesus Christ we pray that you will intercede for us on behalf of little baby name…strengthen the family at this sad time and comfort her parents whilst shes in heaven Amen.





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