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my children family safe 3 TIPS British horsemeat food Scandal


my children family safe British horse meat Scandal

The tip of the iceberg has been broken regarding Horse meat  found first in Tesco burgers then other supermarkets processed foods now lasagne.

has our busy lifestyles and a recession  means cooking less home cooked meals for ourselves and children how can you keep your children safe from contaminated meat and other food products. here are our top 3 tips

  1. Buy Joints from your local butcher looked for stamped meat a sign that has been traced from animal to meat product sourced from the UK and mince them your selves (SEE INTERNET FOR FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY)
  2. Grow your own veg with the children even with no garden in some large tubs its fun,cheap and healthier than adding pesticides that can be harmful.
  3. check out this site if you order in or take away food a lot is it hygiene safe?

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