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What a disgrace 5 mistakes mum with newborn baby makes

hWhat a disgrace 5 mistakes mums with newborn baby makes

for a mum with a newborn baby the care doesn’t always come easy. lets take a look at the worst case that occasionally happens with a new mum.


Here are top 5 mistakes a mum with a newborn baby could make.

  1. spitting on a dummy and wiping it on mums clothes before giving it back to baby.
  2. Leaving the newborn baby asleep in the pram, in the house alone whilst just nipping to the shop across the road.
  3. Leaving a nappy on all day without changing it.
  4. putting baby in a moses basket on a high height ie kitchen worktop whilst cooking.
  5. Leaving a half filled bottle all day on the side then letting baby drink it after rewarming it in the microwave.

What do you think can you suggest any more?



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