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3 kids can’t cope hiding debt letters help money worries

iStock_family3 kids can’t cope hiding debt letters help money worries

This week we are focusing on Debt and managing money better for a family so today we look at hiding debt letters .

Here in the UK there are some bills that can spiral out of control before you know it.mainly its when you ignore a bill so many times and don’t make regular payments that the letters turn from a small amount to a huge debt in a matter of no time.

Bills such s Rent council tax and Tv license are the worst type of debts because if not paid they take you to court even if you don’t show up.

In most cases it’s because you are hiding the debt letters and the amount cannot be reduced because court costs will be added making the debt even bigger.Hiding debt letters can make you  lose your home and or  face jail.

With young children the stress levels go up and you end up shouting at the kids which isn’t fair on them.Imagine having a bailiff come round to see what furniture you have so they can sell it to pay off your debt. Imagine having the bailiffs seize your kids beds to pay the debt off. If you do not sort out letters before it goes to court these are the next steps that will happen.

A bailiff is an appointed person that can enter your home and take your goods to clear the debt owed by you or your partner. if you love your kids so much there is a way of escape. To face debt problems head on tackling the fear head on and being a strong person instead of the cowards way out ignoring debt!.

taking the step tomorrow we look at getting help without more stress added onto you 😉


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