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Pregnant Princess Kate takes her break Royal baby next

000_2144istockpregPregnant Princess Kate takes her break royal baby next

well the baby is due in the next few short weeks remaining of princess Kate and Prince William’s first baby. As She  now takes a rest from attending public events what next awaits the Princess.

No one knows exactly what goes on behind the royal doors of their home together but we do know that Prince William will get some paternity leave when the baby arrives. Thought to be a girl yet rumor has it they wanted it to be a surprise so only the royal poster outside Buckingham palace will reveal the true sex of baby on the day princess Katherine gives birth  third in line to the throne .

If only there was a hidden camera at the royal household what would it reveal? here are a few thoughts that may be happening as we speak…


  • Kate saying to prince William ” will you get me my slippers my feet are swollen and puffy!
  • Prince William for the 3rd time “have you packed your maternity suitcase Kate?”
  • Kate to William “I dont like the nursery painted in these colours change it again for the 5th time” William agrees.
  • William “come one Kate we will be late for the antenatal classes”.

we wish the happy couple all the very best as the birth of their baby will be soon here from every one at Cheeky Chums.


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