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New baby due keeping it in the family

babymumNew baby due keeping it in the family

so your’e the happy couple awaiting the the arrival of your new baby .Have you thought of how much a role it will become within your closest family members. What I realized with a lot of families is that you seem to loose touch as you get older and only seem to see relatives at weddings or funerals . So how can you keep in touch now that all the family are started to become more excited that the new baby is soon to arrive.

  • Sending them a photo every now and then.
  • visits to family with the new baby after a couple of weeks rest at home.
  • as baby gets older mixing with other cousins of the same age for valuable social experiences and you get to reminis about your past fun childhood too with the adults.
  • family picnics were you all arrange to meet up together once at least once a  year.

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