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Pregnancy Loss Miscarriage 20 weeks Unisex baby names

Baby_s_Hands_706033Pregnancy Loss miscarriage 20 weeks choosing a unisex baby name





(this blog post contains sensitive information about baby loss, if it is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now.)

for some families a miscarriage happens in the second trimester.If mum didn’t get to find out the sex of baby or baby was too small to determine if it was a girl or a boy you may feel its still important to name your baby. even if he or she was born sleeping but very very small baby did exist if only for a short while. Babies under 24 weeks gestation do not get a death certificate yet until the UK laws are changed.

So here are some ideas of unisex baby names for very early baby’s born asleep due to pregnancy loss at 20 weeks or under.

feel free to save on your computer so you can y decide in your own time your baby’s special chosen unisex name.


  •  Aarya Unisex name means :Prayer
  • Abida Unisex name means : Gods Follower
  • Adina Unisex name means : Slender
  • Akshara Unisex name means :Unchangeable
  • Amarah Unisex name Gods Grace
  • Anusha Unisex name means : Beautiful Sky
  • Blythe Unisex name means : Joyful
  • Eden Unisex name means :Place of pleasure
  • Esme Unisex name means : Loved
  • Hira Unisex name means : Diamond
  • Izzy Unisex name means :Promised of God
  • Jaylan Unisex name means :Calm
  • Kai Unisex name means :Rejoice
  • Kazumi Unisex name means :Beautiful Harmony
  • Kiran Unisex name means : Beam of Light




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