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5 tips teaching young children in schools

junepremature 0045 tips teaching young children in schools

In last weeks news the national curriculum in UK schools is changing. Seeing more teens not coping when they leave school in their own flats or lodging with friends at college do you think more changes should be made to the national curriculum to reflect social skills for their lives for their future?

There’s always been issues about teen pregnancies but what about life skills should these be added ? what do you think here are some taster examples that could go on the list can you think of any others leave a comment just below to air your own views on the subject.

  • How to pay bills and what bills need paying when you have your own place.
  • How to use a washing machine.
  • What jobs need doing inside the home to keep it clean.
  • How to decorate.
  • How to maintain a safe garden what jobs need doing regular, how to mow a lawn.

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