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Vicious Dogs Babies and Children Bites Me Daddy Help!

vicious dogs Vicious Dogs  Babies and Children Don’t Bite me.

So you’ve got loads of kids and they keep nagging you for a dog.The youngest is one year old so what do you do? here are 6 facts about babies and children you need to consider before you get a dog.

  1. babies crawling will climb on a dogs back.
  2. babies will bite the dogs ears.
  3. kids will plead with you to take the dog out on their own are they really old enough? is the dog you are considering too big for them to control ?
  4. Kids will leave the gates open to the garden you cant scream at them so a dog wont escape. You will be liable if a car has an accident caused by your dog escaping.
  5. your kids friends will come round to play, a dog that doesn’t go out a lot mixing with other dogs,children and adults will protect your family and will bite other children to protect yours.You can be prosecuted and the dog destroyed for keeping a dangerous dog
  6. Children get bored easily they wont want to look after the dog by themselves if it poos in the garden it will be up to you to clean it up.

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