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words to write on a baby gravestone babies headstone









what words can you write on a baby gravestone

this blog post contains sad news about baby loss if it is likely to offend please press your back button now.

A popular question often asked us, is what can you write on a baby headstone in the graveyard.

first look at the size of the headstone, speak to the funeral director or stone mason that will be dealing with the writing to see how many letter/numeral characters it will hold. Will there need to be space added if its a family stone for future generations ?. if not usually the first 80 characters are free then they charge for the remainder and or etching drawn on the side etc you may also want to add the date of birth /death etc too determined on space available..

Write done on paper what you prefer play around with words and titles until you reach the amount of characters to see if it looks suitable .once its done by the stone mason it cannot be changed as it will be permanent .

Depending on when baby passed away you may want to consider these 3 options it for …

  • section A for babies that passed away early on in the womb .
  • section B for babies that passed away due to stillbirth.
  • section C for babies that passed away within the first year of life.

here are some suggestions of what to write on a baby gravestone or baby headstone that are appropriate for the age that baby passed away at.

Section A

  • Now apart yet forever in our hearts,sadly missed heavens kiss.Good night precious baby.
  • precious love and memories kept forever , our little one born sleeping.
  • just a little visit given, now with God upstairs in heaven.Missing you forever, goodnight precious baby.
  • born to soon, sleeping with the angels , Goodnight God bless our baby.
  • In loving memory of our precious angel born asleep.
  • Born sleeping in tender, sadly missed forever.
  • love that stays forever Our precious baby never forgotten.

Section B

  • cherished every moment of you gone too son precious baby.
  • Born asleep, yet your love we keep, thinking of you always xx.
  • Our Baby born sleeping,  a twinkling star in heavens rest.
  • A hug, a kiss, in heavens bliss, gone too soon Our baby.
  • Goodnight sweet baby forever sleeping.

Section C

  • sadly missed a hug and a kiss our baby in our hearts forever.
  • treasured memories of a little life, so precious and loved by all. baby name … etc
  • Cherished memories of our lovable son goodnight little baby.
  • deeply missed  asleep with the angels, now at Rest, Goodnight God bless.
  • In loving memory of our baby girl now in peace sweet dreams.





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