teenage pregnancy/mums

pregnancy I want a baby im 16 pregnant looks cool!

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so you think you want a baby and you’ve just left school this Summer?

here are 5 things you wont be able to do when you get pregnant at 16 and you want to raise a baby on your own.

  • You wont be able to go out with your mates just like that,baby sitters aren’t always on tap so to speak, a baby will rely on you to meet all its basic needs for the next 18 years.You feed it ,You clean it, You buy its clothes,You look after it with sick and diarrhea that baby’s get from time to time.
  • You can’t leave a baby on your own whilst you go to the pub or shops.
  • You can’t leave it alone for the weekend if you plan a weekend away with your new boyfriend.
  • You are responsible in making sure your child comes first not second,that means not buying booze or drugs first to get a fix instead of buying baby food formula or food for your baby.
  • You wont be able to get a council house just like that just because you have a baby.

No sex means no baby so stay away from it until you are ready as parents to raise a child together for keeps.



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