health and safety for babies and children

hot weather whilst it last keeping kids safe tips

000_1909 hot weather whilst it last keeping kids safe Article written by Sheila Sudlow
     APPLY a high factor sun cream to baby/child’s      bare skin liberally every couple of hours.

2.PROTECT head from direct heat by wearing a legionnaire style sun hat, mop hat or hat with a large surface area.


3.Do not overdress your baby during hot weather rather than put one thick layer on i.e. thick jumper, use several thin layers you can take on and off throughout the day.


4.Your child will benefit from wearing cool loose clothing made from cotton and light fibres. Light colours reflect the heat from the sun. Dark colours attract the suns heat.


5.DO NOT leave a baby or child out the pram in the sunshine without a sunshade or canopy.


6.Avoid parking a pram in direct sunlight try a shaded area.


7.GIVE EXTRA fluids, throughout the day. Fizzy pop can even cause dehydration try water or diluted unsweeted juice in a cup not a bottle. Instead.


8.AVOID long spells in the hot sun it can lead to HEAT EXHAUSTION and dehydration.


9.Avoid hard labour in the garden during very hot weather don’t be tempted to start digging the garden with help from the children today you seem ok tomorrow you will become ill due to sun stroke or heat exhaustion.


10.Do not leave any child unattended around Paddling Pools, Swimming Pools, Ponds, Lakes or Canals. A CHILD CAN EVEN DROWN IN AN INCH OF WATER.
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