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My baby has terrible cradle cap solving cradle cap in babies

hMy baby has terrible cradle cap solving cradle cap in babies
Babies with CRADLE CAP
what s it? crusty cream coloured flaky scabs on a baby’s scalp.
There are end numbers of ways in which cradle cap can be treated. It is possible to manage it well with homely remedies as it is with commercial lotions. No matter which method of treating the disease you apply, it is advisable to be careful so that the affected area may not get even more affected. This can be done very easily just by being careful.Cradle cap is curable without any serious medical treatment. Hence, parents should not give much importance on the medicaments they have to use for treating it. Rather, they should be concerned about managing it properly. Like any other skin disease, the affected area should be kept neat and clean. In this regard, there is a lot of things do be done.Using shampoo is one of the best ways. A few drops of mild shampoo can be added to a good proportion of water and the affected area can be washed away with it. There is no fixed rule regarding the proportion of water and shampoo. It can be the one mentioned here or a 50/50 mixture. But in any case, a mild shampoo should be used.

It is never defined what is exactly meant by mild shampoo. It can be deduced from common sense that the shampoo that is made for child and contains gentle detergent should be the choice. Apart from shampoo, oils also can be used as a natural remedy for cradle cap.

Any type of oil, vegetable or baby oil, can be used in large quantity on cradle cap affected area and left for some hours. Then the greasy scales can be brushed away with something very soft. A brush, tooth brush or anything of this sort can be used for this purpose. But this should be done carefully so that the area does not get affected further.

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The Addam has extensive knowledge on dermatology, especially on cradle cap. His articles are informative and beneficent for those who are concerned with treatment of skin disease.


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