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stages of grief fetus loss 20 weeks baby death


stages of grief fetus loss 20 weeks baby death

Dear Cheeky Chums my wife has just lost her baby it was a fetus in the womb at 20 weeks she will deliver soon how can we cope with the grief  of losing a baby what can we expect ?Will we get through it will we ever recover ? the news when we were told has hit us very hard we just feel numb?

The loss of a baby or a child no matter what age baby died at is the worst form of grief to deal with.

  • You take one day at a time
  • you have to be really strong for each other because men often feel left out that no one is there to help support them even if the tears are not their it is good to talk and to remember baby and to grieve over baby no matter when or what time if the day it is.
  • you cannot lock your selves away forever and hope it will go a way.
  • to have to comfort each other, have family support but BEWARE sometimes, not always… even family or closest friends can often react to you differently often shunning you or avoiding coming into contact with you because they are very fearful and do not know what to say.at a difficult time of baby loss They don’t mean to, its just away of them not hurting you even though this type of behavior does.

7 stages for grief to note

  1. denying baby died the first instance of shock that this has happened temporary will pass.
  2. Isolating away from family and friends a reaction to the initial shock and pain of whats just happened to baby.
  3. Angry why me why us lashing out because you have been left without baby.you need time and if possible answers from the medical staff.
  4. bartering, bargaining with God what could I or we have done differently a painful reality of whats happened to baby
  5. Depression as baby is laid to rest and the implications of carrying on sometimes all that’s needed is support, reassurance and a big hug now and then.You can go on you can face another day  be strong lean on each other join other support groups Facebook Twitter on baby loss to help interact and air your true feelings “better out than in” .Keeping your true feelings away from your loved ones isn’t good for your mental health the last thing you need is to face a family crisis and turn to drink, drugs or other methods to ease the pain.
  6. accepting baby has died and carrying on with life the hardest thing you will ever want to do. carry on ? how can you carry on? well with time and a natural acceptance of grieving the  your loss of your baby.
  7. Moving on, in time by being gentle on your self, not ever giving up on your own life and purpose, the future is today.

the first heart wrenching pain of loss will pass but the love you have for your own baby will never go away, its the life and soul of you as a good person you got to experience love for another being .You will never forget but you can now show the world what the love for another life has done for you,its made you a stronger a more loving person.A more sensitive person because of what you have been through. Take care and God bless.


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