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I’m pregnant do i need insurance pregnancy baby

pregnant,pregnancyI’m pregnant do i need insurance pregnancy baby

Here in the UK if you are a UK resident you can have antenatal care free, your baby can visit the health center for baby checkups where baby can get weighed, health issues discussed with a nominated health care professional known as a health visitor can help you with any developmental concerns you have .

in pregnancy you will see a midwife or specialist consultant free of charge.

When it comes to maternity care there are some companies that offer insurance for private services such as elective c sections, private hospital midwife care,delivery care theatre fees etc.

if you travel in pregnancy or use airplanes for a holiday you will need to tell the insurance company that you are pregnant some do not charge extra for pregnant mums to be but make sure you are fully covered in case baby decides to come early in another country, the last thing you need is a huge bill that you cant afford to bring baby back home again by air / private ambulance.

some other maternity insurance deals cover things like private hospitals around the UK

► Specialist tests and consultations covered

► Prenatal and maternity care covered

► Diagnostic tests full coverage

► Alternative treatments options

► Prompt treatment and no long waiting lists

► Private ambulance service


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