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what gift ideas to buy for a stillborn baby funeral?

hwhat gift ideas to buy for a stillborn baby funeral ?

5 gift ideas that will mean a lot to the grieving parents after their baby died due to being born stillborn.

    • The Great North Museum: Hancock’s hugely popular Butterfly Wall fundraising campaign has been re-launched. The first campaign,

    A beautiful butterfly would make a unique and thoughtful gift for a family member or friend. Why not mark a special occasion by adding to our growing kaleidoscope of butterflies? Sponsoring a butterfly will also help to support activities for children and young people at the Great North Museum: Hancock. You will receive a special Gift Card and the butterflies themselves will be on display at the Great North Museum: Hancock

    If you would like to support this incredibly important aspect of our work and include your name (or the name of someone you love) on our beautiful Butterfly Wall please make a donation today! Our suggested donation is £25 or more*.

    contact us on (0191) 277 2196 or email butterflywall@greatnorthmuseum.org.uk. We would be delighted to speak to you.

  • make a donation in memory of baby or raise funds directly with the families local SANDS group.
  • Buy some artificial flowers for the baby’s graveside rather than fresh ones which don’t last long.
  • Ask the local maternity department what item can you buy for the bereavement room for example a relaxing candle with in memory of baby’s name written on the side .or relaxing colours fresh sheets for a lady’s bed.
  • the charity we are working with for 2013-2014 is Bear for an Angel why not donate a bear in memory of baby’s name for a child that has died up the age of 16 .

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