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miscarriage baby loss under 24 weeks what can baby wear?

000_2124miscarriage baby loss under 24 weeks what can baby wear ?

today is infant loss awareness day this week we have been answering your questions today we look at what you baby can wear that as sadly passed away born under 24 weeks into pregnancy.

Ordering babies full term clothes, no problem ! lots of cute clothes that fit .When it comes to tiny babies you will find it a struggle for babies under 24 weeks. dolls clothes are not  comfortable or suitable for a baby burial you may get free knitted donations given but a mum would still prefer her baby to be dressed in proper baby clothes.

there is a suitable alternative clothes shop that specializes in the very tiny sizes and for babies born under 24 weeks .In fact the range in the baby bereavement section or baby clothes increases regularly . They have all you need to dress baby from top to toe including babygrows baby gowns, knitted layette sets, nappies and little pouches for the smallest baby too fragile for dressing (born under 18 weeks). see the main baby bereavement department here


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