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I’m pregnant Top 5 Pregnancy Tips for Last Trimester

SONY DSCTop 5 Pregnancy Tips for Last Trimester

tips every where for pregnancy so today we shall look at the best ones for being pregnant in the last few weeks.

  • don’t leave painting baby’s bedroom in the last week due to any lingering paint fumes .
  • If you develop high blood pressure in pregnancy don’t ignore it ,tell your midwife at the next antenatal visit.
  • don’t leave packing your bag too late just because you cant be bothered babies come anytime even early occasionally.
  • don’t stand too long in the shopping queues at the end of your pregnancy especially in the last few weeks of December if you can, shop online to avoid feeling faint with the mad rush of shoppers.
  • make a Birth plan BUT don’t be surprised if it all changes when you actually go in labour for example don’t be hard on your self if  you opt for epidural because you thought you could handle any sort of pain then change your mind,or you want all natural but baby doesnt take to labour pain and needs a quick c section.

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