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pregnant maternity clothes what do you wear in pregnancy?

th_PREG5pregnant maternity clothes what do you wear in pregnancy?

In pregnancy as your baby bump gets bigger you may consider  buying maternity clothes but what items are available ? what do you need most ? and where can you buy maternity clothing from?

  • your bra size may go up  sizes especially towards the end of pregnancy so opt for one that gives you good support across the back.
  • free flowing blouses are a good idea so they aren’t tight and clinging.
  • maternity jeans are an excellent buy as the belly area is made with soft jersey or ribbed cotton fabric for support and comfort that doesn’t dig into your growing waistline.
  • you  get maternity dresses flowing loose fitting ones or even flattering off the bump for all your friend to see and admire.

then there is the nursing maternity range which you only need if you intend to breast feed our baby. The nursing range are tops that open easily to breast feed baby, bras that open on the shoulder,nighties that have buttons at the front for easily feeding in the maternity hospital.

Before traveling for many hours to find maternity clothes shops look on line such as Debenhams, Next ,H+M and Vertbaudet  to save wasting time traveling to be told we don’t sell them anymore



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