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Pregnancy loss baby memorials who do you buy for ?

hPregnancy loss  baby memorials who do you buy for ?

Dear Cheeky Chums my friend lost her baby in pregnancy at 24 weeks and my mum said i should buy a baby memorial what is  it and should I  not be buying it for the mum I’m confused ?

First of all you can send mum a bereavement card acknowledging the loss of her baby in memory of baby.  depending where baby is buried or cremated and final laid to rest determines what baby memorial gift you want to buy. it could be a toy windmill that blows naturally in the wind for the graveside if its privately owned but sometimes a communal grave that  hospitals bury all the little ones together in, do not have the space for individual memorial items to be placed there.

you could buy mum some memorial jewelry with little feet on or a heart shaped locket necklace, there are many website that offer memorial gifts like this online.

and for the whole family why not write poem and choose an appropriate frame that can be kept on a fireplace or beside cabinet for a more personal memorial gift.



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