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3 silly baby questions and weird facts about babies

Depositphotos_27338421_xs3 silly but weird facts about babies

  1. dear Cheeky chums my newborn baby’s poo was dark brown at birth now its yellow the week after i’m breastfeeding is this normal? yes the first poop that a baby has is called meconium.then it changes colour as milk is introduced as a first food so not to worry.
  2. Dear Cheeky chums my boy friend wants to know when can our 3 month baby have solid foods such as chips and burgers. babies at birth have a sucking reflex then as they get used to using their muscles for swallowing the first solid foods have to be slightly thicker than milk to start with.A baby has to learn the new skills of sucking from a spoon,trying different tastes and introducing healthy food items to baby’s diet ,then gradually moving on to semi liquidized baby foods then moving on to tiny lumps with in the first year.You’ll also find baby around 9 months will love to hold and munch on a bananas  or bread chunks. avoid giving babies fatty food items such as burgers and chips.
  3. why can’t a baby walk at 6 months? Babies have to develop strong muscle tones and other large motor skills in order to progress from sitting,standing walking with furniture then onto walking takes a few months grow, and develop,by introducing healthy foods, stimulation through play,rest and sleep and a nurtured environment for baby to reach any baby milestone. leave a baby in  a cot or playpen to play all day and baby will learn nothing, become weak ,fail to thrive so to speak and then be delayed with milestones that should come on during the first year.

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