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baby led weaning babies what is it?

Baby food, baby eatingbaby led weaning babies what is it?

2 methods one is letting baby tell you when it needs moving onto solids for example instead of weaning at 4 months wait until baby seems really hungry and ready to move on. do not leave weaning baby way after 6 months or baby will have problems weaning from liquid-semi liquid to lumpy foods in the long term.

the other method of baby lead weaning is waiting until baby is 6 months old and giving huge pieces of food direct to eat such as a pork chop, piece ,half a  banana  a chunky crust of bread to chomp on. this method cuts out the mush type foods completley.

personally i think the first method is best as i have seen too many babies at 9-12 months choke of chunks of raw apple carrot etc.


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