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what a nuisance babies at play 0 – 6 months baby toys

what a nuisance babies at play 0 – 6 months baby toys

How many teddies can you pile up into a baby’s bedroom?

well if you think of a family member buying  a present a cute teddy is often the first thing that  comes to mind when deciding what toys to buy the new baby. before long baby can have tons all collecting dust that often can be a problem with some babies getting asthma from a very young age. So what other baby toys can you buy for babies around the 0-6 months age.

well here are a few pointers these suggestions will be good for encouraging baby development  milestones , appropriate age of learning toys,toys that wont get thrown away due to lost pieces or a toys that are good value without being a waste of money.

Nice baby with toys

  • teething rings,small rattles that a baby can learn to grasp in the hand, from  around 4 months ,mouthing takes place too when a child will put anything to its mouth to  explore the texture, do not discourage this behavior its natural part of development unless another child as given a dangerous item for the baby to hold toddlers especially.



  • Brightly coloured pram toys that stretch across the pram with various sounds such as musical,squeaks,rattles,crinkle sounds.Rattle





  • musical toys for over babies cot that pull to activate music,cot mobiles.



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