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5 winter warmer meals for babies 1- 2 year old

Baby food, baby eating5 winter warmer meals for babies 1- 2 year old

for those of you who love to make  your baby’s own meals or do a lot of home cooking here are 5 meal ideas for the Winter weather to keep you all warm and less hungry.

  • pea and ham soup with crusty home made bread rolls add cooked potatoes to thicken soup too.
  • rich strew use Atora suet light to make low fat dumplings with stewing beef, carrots and suede, parsnips add 2 beef oxo cubes thicken with cornflour and serve with jacket potatoes.
  • pasta with cooked broccoli and cauliflower and cheese sauce  mix all together and serve with breadcrumbs on top in a pie dish.
  • fish pie add cod pieces, prawns salmon pieces add a parsley sauce mix,with mashed potatoes on top serve with mixed vegetables.
  • bish bash bosh chicken ,add cooked chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms with a tin of mushroom  or use chicken soup put in a pie dish add a pastry crust bake in oven serve with potatoe wedges.

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