Premature Baby news

Premature babies in special care long term gift ideas

premature baby covered in vertix in incubatorPremature babies in special care for the long term gift ideas please

A newborn baby gets many gifts and many family members or friends can find it ever so easy to buy that special baby gift. A baby that’s arrived very early or born very premature can be much harder to buy for, seeing most items for babies start from newborn size. So here are 3 great gift ideas that the mum and dad will really appreciate for their tiny baby.the baby may have many more weeks to be cared for in special care and it can be for quite a while yet to concider buying a newborn sized outfit.
a very small teddy bear buy one less than 15cm in height this is the first great gift idea for a premature baby, it can sit beside the incubator keeping baby company yet the size will not be too overpowering sitting near by.
gift idea number 2 is a premature baby hat in funky colours sizes at cheeky chums online start from 12cm wow that’s idea 3 a preemie milestone book that mum or dad can tick off as baby gets one step closer to coming home.


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