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11 month baby screams too much shall I take him playgroup?

my 11 month old baby screams too much shall I take him playgroup?

Nice baby with toysDear Cheeky Chums my baby keeps having paddies and screams when I leave the room, is it a good thing to get out and take him to a local church playgroup?
Our reply
It is a good thing to get out and about, a local playgroup for babies and toddlers will work wonders and here’s 5 reasons why you should.
1. you baby will learn to develop valuable social skills with not only adults but its peers and older toddlers too.
2. Your baby will learn to communicate by talking, making sounds developing new sounds and saying first words as her learns to mix and copy other babies at play, plus playgroups sing songs too usually throughout or at the end of a session and are really good fun for you to join in too. Then you can repeat them at home as you get used to new songs rhymes and short stories which in turn will help baby develop even more language skills at home.
3.What a wide variety of new experiences and valuable play lessons he will learn as he picks up and . interesting and many new different toys to explore through play.
4. you too will mix with other parents to share your experiences, tips and exchange ideas with.
5.As he learns to play and find his favourite play toys it will give you a better idea what to buy for the first birthday gift coming up.


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